Side sleeping position: Benefits and drawbacks!

Side sleeping position: Benefits and drawbacks!

Many times, people are in the habit of sleeping on their sides. This is a situation where there is a need to sleep in the right way on either of your sides. If you’re not able to get a quality sleep, then it might disturb your healthy lifestyle. Without proper support and comfort, it is not possible to get undisturbed sleep. The most important thing to consider while sleeping on your side is that you must rest in the right way. Or else, it could be a hazardous thing for your health condition. If you’re already a back pain sufferer, then you need to put great attention. Don’t look at the mattress which is not perfect for your sleeping position. Without proper comfort, any side sleeper won’t get quality sleep. Any disturbance in the sleep would ultimately affect the health condition.

If you’re sleeping on your side, then it is a crucial thing to learn about the side which is going to give you the most benefits. Is it healthy to sleep on your side? To get the answer to this question, it is important to learn about certain beneficial aspect associated with the side sleeping position. On the other hand, everything has its own drawbacks along with the benefits. For this you need to learn about some pros and cons of having a side sleeping position:

Benefits of sleeping on either of the sides

There’s nothing to worry if you’re sleeping on your side. In fact, it is a good sleeping position to keep your spine in a proper alignment during the night. With the help of side sleeping posture, one can reduce the snoring habits. It is also a helpful way to cure the symptoms of a chronic health disease which is sleep apnea.

Drawbacks of sleeping on either of the sides

One of the most destructing drawback which comes with the side sleeping position is ‘paresthesia.’ It could be a health disturbing situation. For the side sleepers, it is recommended to add extra comfort for safeguarding the body parts from any painful  situation.

How long a mattress lasts?

How long a mattress lasts?

Knowing how long a mattress lasts and what signs of wear indicate that the time has come to replace it is essential if you want to rest well and avoid waking up with annoying joint pains.

Those who suffer from circulatory problems, back discomfort, and joint pain should also replace the mattress earlier than average to ensure that the support guarantees good performance throughout the period of use, so as not to worsen health conditions.

This article aims to illustrate when and why to change the mattress, also providing useful suggestions for making it last longer.

How long does a mattress last?

The average estimated duration for a mattress is decidedly conditioned, more than by the price, the technology of the support, the type of materials it is made of and the life cycle of the same, or after how long, due to wear, tend to deteriorate.

There are also many other factors that determine how long a mattress lasts: the weight of the body of the user, the frequency of use, the amount of sweat produced, the regularity of maintenance, the base on which it rests, etc.

Certainly, the new technologies used today to make mattresses allow us to market products that are increasingly resistant to wear and maintain excellent hygienic conditions for a long time. However, just like a car exploited for 8 hours a day, despite correct maintenance, sooner or later it would run out of its potential and should be replaced, the same happens with the mattress.

We can estimate that, currently, a good, well-kept mattress should be able to guarantee good performance for at least 8-10 years.

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When to change the mattress?

Once you have established how long a mattress lasts, you need to know when to change it. It is never advisable to wait to replace the mattress when back pain or joint pain has already appeared. To understand when to change the mattress it is important to be able to sense the first signs of wear. If the support has obvious deformations, depressions or abnormal hump, it is stained or has a lining full of seams, it means that the time has come to replace it.

What mattress do you need if you are suffering from back pain issues?

What mattress do you need if you are suffering from back pain issues?

Buying mattress is a big and long term investment so, it is essential for you to consider lots of things while going to buy a mattress. Different people have their different needs to buy a new mattress such as some people want to get rid of their back pain issues while some others want to get more comfort during their sleep so it is essential for you to make the right decision according to your needs and requirements. Variety of material and options are available in the market that makes you confused to buy one best product for you but it is essential for you to make the right decision with proper research and investigation.

What mattress do you need if you are suffering from back pain issues?

As you know a good mattress need to give proper comfort and support to the sleeper and if you are one of those people who are suffering from the back pain issues then it is necessary for you to find a perfect and right mattress for you. Different types of mattresses are available in the market these days such as memory foam mattress, latex mattress and many more in which you need to choose one best for you. It is essential for you to look for a mattress that helps to keep your back aligned while sleeping and provide the best possible help to relieve your pressure points along with the joints. It is beneficial for you to take little time and make a proper investigation to find one best mattress type for you according to your sleeping position. While going to buy the best mattress for back pain, it is essential for you to determine the right amount of firmness and coils in your mattress that helps you to have a good sleep. Learn the newest information at by doing  online  research.

Nowadays, it is also comfortable for you to make your purchase on the online platform and buy the right mattress for you at the comfort of your home. Many of the online buyers in these days also offer a trial period to their customers that help you to return the mattress and get your money back within a limited time period and choose one best mattress for you.

The best mattress for those with circulation problems:

The best mattress for those with circulation problems:

There are many disorders related to bad sleep habits: one also affects blood circulation. While on the one hand, some mattresses cause poor circulation, there are others that can improve it.

First of all, it is necessary to understand why a bad circulation can occur during sleep: these are the pressure points that do not allow an ideal adaptation of the body. Therefore, those suffering from poor circulation should focus on mattresses that can relieve body pressure.

The memory foam mattresses are therefore optimal to prevent poor circulation during sleep. These are mattresses made using a visco-elastic material originally designed by NADA to mitigate the high pressure that astronauts undergo during take-off. This product was then applied in the medical field to alleviate the pain associated with the obliged postures.

The viscosity and elasticity of memory foam mattresses allow perfect adaptation to the body thanks to the heat it produces while maintaining the original shape i.e. the one that was in memory. Don’t know where are the nearest mattress stores then you should research it online and find some great options.

The ability of self-shaping guarantees an equal distribution of the weight of the body guaranteeing a physiologically correct position, with undeniable health benefits: it promotes better flow of the circulation. It represents a natural rest for the spine.

Who, for personal tastes, prefers the traditional mattress, can orient himself on the pocket spring mattress.

The “bagged and independent” springs, compared to traditional spring mattresses, offer a welcome for the weight of the body differentiated point by point avoiding problems of body pressure in the heaviest points. The springs work independently from each other and therefore do not have the same as traditional spring mattresses, constant but differentiated support depending on the body weight and therefore the different needs.

The mattress with independent pocket springs thus combines the support of the spring mattresses with the ergonomic principle of the foam mattresses: the independent springs adapt following the body line.

On the market there are also mattresses with independent micro-springs with progressive reception composed of the first layer of springs that has the function of receiving and supporting the body; the second layer of springs, thicker and more rigid than the first, has the function of supporting the body.

Foam mattress has lot of good reason that is related to your daily life

Foam mattress has lot of good reason that is related to your daily life

There are numerous products that are available in the market that are providing best health care. Many products are having side effects. It is important to know about the reliable products and then go for the purchase of such product. But the product that is related with health care and that is providing lot many benefits without any side effects to the body is foam mattress. You might be thinking how is it possible that mattress can be beneficial in taking good care of health? It is very much true that if you will buy proper mattress then it is sure that you don’t need to buy any other products to have health care. It is foam mattress that is providing great benefits to the daily life. You can find helpful sleep science facts at The health will always remain in good condition. You will always remain fresh and energetic. If you will buy any of the brand mattresses from then you will have the benefits that will be very long lasting.

There are people that are experiencing the daily life use of foam mattress that helps them to have the best experience of comfortable sleep. It is reliable because the 100 days free trial, 20 years of warranty period, best comfort of sleep and keeps the health in very good condition are the main features that you have in this foam mattress. You are going for the purchase of mattress for the comfort of sleep and buying foam mattress then you are making right kind of decision that will be useful for your life time. The features that are having high quality will let you have the feeling of luxurious touch of comfortable sleep with full body rest.

If you are getting healthy sleep daily then it is sure that you will always have fresh mood when you wake up early in the morning. You are going to experience the best enjoyable life that you have never experienced in your early life. Foam mattress is reliable mattress that has the trust of thousands of people all over the globe. If you will use this kind of mattress for your comfort of sleep then you will never fall in health problems like shoulder pain, leg pain, neck or back pain.

How do the different degrees of hardness come about?

How do the different degrees of hardness come about?

Hardness is not equal to the hardness

The degree of hardness of a mattress is not a fixed standard size. The manufacturers of mattresses specify the designation for the degree of hardness of the mattresses themselves. The most common are the degrees of hardness 1 to 4. Also H1 to H5, F1 to F5 or designations such as “soft”, “extra solid” and “medium solid” is not uncommon. However, across all manufacturer differences, the following applies: The mattress hardness grade H1 (or F1 or “soft”) stands for the softest mattress core of the respective manufacturer. Perfect for people who like to lie soft, one would think. But the opposite can be the case.

Who should avoid mattresses grade 1

Grade 1 mattresses allow a deep sinking of the body and can, therefore, be very uncomfortable. With a body weight of 80 or even 100 kilograms, the sleeper practically sinks to the slatted frame. This significantly affects the comfort of lying. In addition, the spine is not properly supported when sleeping. Especially with side-sleepers, this makes it uncomfortable. As a result, the spine hangs unhealthily. The body weight also rests on shoulders and pelvic bones. However, ideally, it should spread evenly over the bed. Mattresses grade 1 are therefore recommended especially for a body weight of fewer than 60 kilograms. Heavier people need a higher degree of hardness. “Soft” does not always mean “comfortable”.

How do the different degrees of hardness come about?

As an alternative to the term “hardness” often “strength” is used. The strength of a mattress arises depending on the mattress in different ways. With cold foam, latex or visco mattress the volumetric weight is a decisive factor.

An exception is foam mattresses such as cold foam mattresses. Here is not the volumetric weight, but the compression hardness relevant for the degree of hardness. Not the density, but the stiffness of the foam structure influences in this case hardness and reclining feel. So there are cold foam mattresses with low density, which can still have a high degree of hardness. You can learn what are the recommended sleeping positons 

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